Do you do too much testing with too few results?


Are too many problems appearing too late?


Are the testers not clear on what they should be doing?


If you answered Yes or Maybe to any of the above, continue reading below to see if we can answer your needs.

Test Training

NVP Software Test Training provides expert instructors (onsite or remotely) to train your personnel in the best and most effective techniques available. Testers will make more efficient use of their time after a training session. You benefit from better testing and more defects found and eliminated from the product.

Existing courses are available on demand or we can work with you to develop a customized course to suit your particular needs.

Online courses are available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet.

Course listings for the year can be found on the Calendar.

Please contact us directly for further information on upcoming courses.


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Agile courses count toward PMI PDUs or Scrum Alliance SEUs.

ClassificationCourse (click for details/registration)Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD)DurationLocationCostRegistration
Test MethodologyEffective Methods of Software Testing2019-09-036 SessionsOnline$595 USDOpen
Test MethodologyEffective Methods of Software Testing2019-09-192 DaysToronto$1000 CADOpen
Test MethodologyEssentials of Test Leadership2019-10-032 DaysToronto$1500 CADOpen
Test MethodologyBoot Camp for Software Testers2019-10-102 DaysToronto$1500 CADOpen
Test MethodologyTest Planning for Managers2019-10-172 DaysToronto$1500 CADOpen
Agile TrainingTeam Kanban Practitioner2019-07-301 DayToronto$1095 CADClosed
Agile TrainingKanban System Design (KMP I)2019-07-312 DaysToronto$1695 CADClosed
Agile TrainingCertified Scrum Product Owner (R) (CSPO)2019-08-012 DaysToronto$1695 CADClosed
Agile TrainingTeam Kanban Practitioner2019-08-281 DayToronto$1095 CADOpen
Test CertificationCSTE Exam Prep Course2019-09-0312 SessionsOnline$795 USDOpen
Test CertificationCSQA Exam Prep Course2019-09-0312 SessionsOnline$795 USDOpen
Test CertificationCSTE Exam Prep Course2019-09-052 DaysToronto$1000 CADOpen
Test CertificationCSQA Exam Prep Course2019-09-122 DaysToronto$1000 CADOpen