How Do We Train Software Testers?

Software tester training is something that appears to require a lot more attention, given the number of conversations we have on a regular basis. We get a surprising number of questions about software tester training and plans, so we’ve dedicated our next blog series on how to train software testers.

There are three typical scenarios and advantages and disadvantages to all. Here they are:

  1. In person – classroom setting
  2. Interactively through a webinar
  3. Online or downloadable course with no instructor present

In person – classroom setting

If you are a person who gets as much from interacting with other people in your industry as you would from any course material provided, then this type of training is a great option. This setting is often more applicable to courses at more senior levels where participants gain from discussion with other industry professionals. This could also be in the form of a conference or workshop and lead by accredited professionals in the field. This is a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t from other attendees and facilitators.  A lot can be learned from conversations about others’ personal experiences.

The disadvantage to this type of professional development is time out of the office and catching-up on things when you return. However, new processes that were learned can be quickly applied for more efficient operations.

Interactively through a webinar for example

If the material is relatively fixed but you prefer to have any questions about the material answered quickly in a controlled setting, webinars may be a great option for any software test training you may require. Typically these sessions are short and you don’t have to travel to participate.

There may be limited interaction with other people in the class (depending on the delivery technology and amount of time allowed) but there have been a lot of improvements recently which makes it a great option for optimal learning.

Online or downloadable course with no instructor present

If you’re looking for specific information, a detailed process on how to apply it and don’t require a forum to discuss and ask questions, this is a great option to train yourself on software testing practices.  This is a self-instructed and guided method, where the material owner has already anticipated questions and provides the participant with all of the means required to teach themselves the material.

Unfortunately, getting answers to questions is not always easy, but social media, online forums, blogs and Google have made it easy to get an array of answers if you need them.

Before you sign up for any type of software tester training, know exactly why you’re taking the training, what you hope to gain from it and know yourself enough to choose the method that would allow you to learn as optimally as possible. 


Discussion Questions

  1. Do you participate in software tester training?
  2. How was it delivered?
  3. Would you have preferred it delivered differently?

Next Week: Sources of Information

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