Starting Quality Assurance – Part 3

Starting Quality Assurance – Part 3

In our last blog but one, we asked for people to vote on the places in the SDLC that were causing the biggest problems. We asked for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices and then we were going to sum the votes to get the most critical areas. Once we have the totals we know where to concentrate our efforts.

Now we need to do some process analysis which is like the first step but a deeper dive into the step. Again we suggest sketching this out on a board somewhere with each step in a separate box and the connections between the steps included. We also recommend leaving this somewhere where everyone can add comments and make changes. There is no hurry on this process, we want to be sure to have all the input we can obtain before starting to gather statistics. Once everyone has had a chance to review, we can publish it as a definition of the process.

Next week: Statistics.

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