Starting Quality Assurance – Part 4

Starting Quality Assurance – Part 4

As promised last week we will talk about statistics in this blog. In the last blog, we talked about completing a deeper dive into a process that was identified as causing problems. Before we make any changes we have to gather some statistics to form a baseline. This can be a little difficult since it may not be obvious what we should be counting. However, here are some suggestions based on the process analysis.

  1. Is the process taking too long? Measure the length of time it takes (pick some obvious end point like when the process is started and when it is finished).
  2. Is the process being repeated with the same inputs because of failures? Count the number of repeats with the same data.
  3. Is there a long delay in the middle while external resources are assembled or contacted? Measure the wait time and make sure to remove it from total time the process takes.
  4. Are computer resources maxing out during the process? Enable a performance monitor and save the results.

Some of these will be guesses and some may need to be measured at a lower level to get more granular figures. But the idea is to identify items that are possible candidates for improvement.

Next blog: Act on the statistics.

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