Starting Quality Assurance – Part 5

Starting Quality Assurance – Part 5

Last time we gathered some baseline statistics.  These need to be recorded and retained somewhere.  Now we want to make some changes.  We may want to pause the measurements while we make the changes since they will not be accurate.

Based on some of the statistics we gathered last time.

  1. Is the process taking too long? Look for parts of the process that are delayed (waiting for inputs or resources) or repeated and resolve the issue.
  2. Is the process being repeated with the same inputs because of failures? Complete a root cause analysis of why the inputs are wrong and fix the upstream process.
  3. Is there a long delay in the middle while external resources are assembled or contacted? Determine if better coordination with external departments would help or consider training internal resources to do the task.
  4. Are computer resources maxing out during the process? Enlist an expert in performance to determine the exact cause of the resources maxing out.  Which tasks are taking all the resources?  Do we need more CPU/Memory or do we need to fix something in the program that may be searching too many records(for example).

Once the changes above have been implemented and have had a chance to take effect, re-enable the statistics gathering with the same set of measurements being recorded.

Next blog: Have we been successful?

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