Starting Quality Assurance

NVP Software Solutions provides a cost-effective methodology for Starting Quality Assurance in your organization.

The case against Starting Quality Assurance usually has three major parts to the argument.

  • We have no time to start Quality Assurance now (we are too busy)
  • We have no funding for Quality Assurance at this time (all our funds are fully tied up in the existing work)
  • We have no need for Quality Assurance (we have got this far without it)

NVP Software Solution’s Starting Quality Assurance program takes these three arguments very seriously and makes sure that the solutions provided address these points as follows:

No Time

The solution provided looks only for items which are currently taking more time than they should right now. The solutions (based on many years of experience) save time by removing redundant practices and adding the time-effective processes to all development.
You gain time!

No Funding

The solutions provided measured against the savings in expenditure. The ROI or CBA must be positive in order for a solution to be recommended. Nothing will be implemented unless it saves money.
You save money!

No Need at this time

If there is nothing wrong then this argument is correct. Otherwise there will be a need and now is the best time.
There will never be a better time!

An organisation will recognize the need but still have problems with first two concerns of No Time and No Funding. All the solutions provided save both time and money.
There is no time like the present!

Our Starting Quality Assurance services include:

  • Find existing Quality Assurance issues.
  • Recommend improvements.
  • List processes to implement the improvements.

NVP’s assessments provide guidance to improve your processes and the quality of your software. They allow the organisation to operate more effectively and concentrate on what they do best.


  1. More efficient IT service saving money.
  2. More effective IT service saving money.

Quality Assurance is not about adding difficulty; it is about subtracting redundancy.

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