Staying In – Part 2

Now that we are into a new week, we are seeing a few articles talking about what to do after the the restrictions are lifted. The discussions are more at the macroeconomic level at this stage. Individual industries are not being discussed although the ones we are speaking to definitely have plans as to what to do once they can.

From an IT point of view, most projects have continued at a reduced level as far as can be done with remote working. We are mainly hearing from utilities and healthcare clients about things that must be done no matter what the situation. However, assuming that the restrictions are lifted reasonably soon, we expect a lot of activity from people who have been brought to a standstill for a few weeks but still have fixed end dates that must be met. Education comes to mind although that will depend on the fall term starting on time and not delayed in a ripple effect.

Finally we thought we would opt for a nice peaceful picture this week. We wish you the best in the current situation.

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Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

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