Staying In – Part 3

Last week we talked about how some industries were looking through to the end of the current restrictions and making some plans although that seemed to be more at the macroeconomic level. This week we wanted to look a little further down the chain. There is no doubt that a lot of QA and testing is backing up since no one is able to to do it due to a lack of access to corporate networks. However, there is a difference between the QA that is being done and the Software Testing. Active Software Testing is continuing remotely but at a reduced level with some things backing up due to lack of access to either hardware or software. Quality Assurance (Process Improvement) is continuing without much issue and in some cases, at an increased rate since the slow down in corporate work and testing has allowed us to take a renewed look at process improvement. People have the time to look at how their processes work and what can be done to improve them at this point.

Processes have changed due to remote work and on the surface many things look different. However, the fundamental processes have not changed at all in terms of what work needs to be completed and, at the macro level, how it has to be done. It is an excellent time to review the processes that are used to make the company and software run and see what can be improved. Looking at this when everything is disrupted provides a fresh perspective.

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