Staying In – Part n+3

Infection rates are down.  Businesses are opening up.  And now there is a backlog of IT projects that were put on hold when things closed down in a hurry.  Some continued on at a slower rate while the lockdown occurred, others came to complete halt, and a limited number were launched while the lockdown was in progress.  We have all three types of projects in the portfolio

Unless you were working on a single project, and continued to work on a single project, you are now juggling multiple items with different schedules, priorities, and work loads.  In other word, business as usual.  Some of the projects may even be delayed until the next fiscal period since they did not finish inside the mandated time lines.  

So what is the Quality Assurance response:

  1.  Slower rate projects – nothing has changed except that it will now be longer before implementation.  Unless your memory (and everyone else’s memory) is really good you will need to document what was completed, stretch the schedule and make sure that nothing is forgotten.  If the end date has not changed, it will be very easy to let Quality Assurance slide or get missed in the compressed schedule.
  2. Projects that came to halt.  Hopefully you had time to put together some documentation before everything was lost.  If so, you can pick up where you left off.  If not, you are starting from the beginning with a potentially squeezed schedule.  Documentation has its uses!
  3. Projects that launched in the pandemic started with the assumption of being unable to see people so they will run with or without in-person meetings.  This is a regular project.


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