Staying In – Part n+4

  1. There has been a change in direction with regard to Quality Assurance and your services are no longer required.
  2. The Quality Assurance department has not changed in 18 months (the average half life) therefore we need to reorganize it.



Stop me if you have heard either of the above before (but keep reading). If you have not heard those items then where are you?

This came up as a result of a conversation with a long term friend who had the first one occur to him after multiple years at the same organization. The second one we have seen so often, we have lost count. Either the department is centralized or dispersed but it never seems to settle anywhere for any length of time.

What is interesting in either case is the following:

  1. Quality Assurance still gets done despite the change in direction.
    • It gets renamed as something else but is still done.
    • it get reassigned to someone else or to another group but is still done.
    • It gets stopped for a few months until a crisis hits either internally or from a client and then it is suddenly reinstated.
  2. There never seems to be a happy medium where some obvious functions are centralised and others are dispersed according to need.
  3. There is no plan to move people back and forth and supply them with training until the pressure or poor quality become an issue after which there is a major catchup

If you have input on the above, you might want to consider our survey.

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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