Struggling with Software Testing?

Businesses, organizations and corporations purchase software in hopes of bettering existing processes, but sometimes the data is suspect and manual processes have to be put in place to fix errors caused by the new software tools. If software was implemented to help you operate more efficiently and grow as an organization, why is your new software slowing you down? Perhaps it’s time to look to your software testing team!

Arm your testers with techniques and technologies that help them test better, faster, and more effectively!

Lack of training in testing is a major challenge small and large corporations face on an ongoing basis. Testers need a diverse set of skills to do the job using the latest techniques and processes. If you’re having challenges with DevOps or using various agile methodologies that aren’t customized to your specific needs and software, you’re just throwing money down the tubes! Software testers who aren’t properly trained on in-house tools will leave you with bad software that will cost your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. And in a lot of cases, those tools are the worst solution for your actual needs!

Your company wouldn’t expect your developers to do without training, would it? So why is tester training in your organization not a priority?

Internal training falls short! It limits your options and techniques, leaving all kinds of gaps for error. External training covers ALL the available techniques from an efficient and experienced testing perspective and allows you to select the best processes to test your software right! It allows you to customizes and improve the overall efficiency of your tests.

Maybe you want to use the time proven techniques of equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis to reduce your test cases while maintaining coverage. Or, it may make sense to borrow from the 4 quadrants of Agile testing for some projects. External training gives you the option that will let you test optimally for your specific software.

Training testers using NVP supplied courses provides testers with the techniques, tools, and knowledge to select the best method for testing – not the one that has been used for the last 15 years that’s falling short!

When you work with an experienced software testing trainer you benefit by:

  • Knowing the kinds of testing that should be performed
  • Knowing what to test
  • Knowing who is best to test each piece
  • Knowing when to test
  • Knowing how to test

All so you get the results you want!

When you work with a professional software testing trainer, you win by:

  • Creating more valuable employees that pays back more than investments
    in any test tool!
  • Getting real value from testing
  • Enhancing speed, accuracy and results from your testing processes
  • Seeing larger profits

Quality assurance training is a great way to help ensure your systems are working for you while supporting and contributing to the growth of your company.

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