Register for the Test Managers Conference

This 6-week remote workshop is an exclusive event for test managers from around the world. In the six sessions, we will focus on the top challenges as identified by you, facing managers in building, testing, and delivering quality software applications and products in today’s fast-paced and demanding environment. Run by experts from NVP Software Solutions… Continue reading Register for the Test Managers Conference

Quality Management

Is there any difference between software and manufacturing? Last week we participated in a preparation session for an upcoming webinar. The person we will be presenting with is involved Quality Management for Products while I was representing Software. It was quite surprising how similar we sounded in terms of what we do: Product Planning Phase… Continue reading Quality Management

Hack or Poor testing

Was it a Hack or Poor Testing? Recently we went to a restaurant for a quick dessert (pick up only at the current time). Usually this restaurant is quite fast and we have our order and are out within a few minutes. This time, to minimize the number of people in the restaurant, only one… Continue reading Hack or Poor testing

Shift Left

Why is Shift Left not occurring? Recently NVP contributed to a blog on why Shift Left was not occurring. Speaking as someone who has experienced it from a Test Lead position, our concern was the inability to free up resources while still continuing with existing testing. The full article can be found here. If you… Continue reading Shift Left

The purpose of Meetings

Recently I was asked to provide a short history of a local Quality Assurance organization. Starting with the previous organization, I went through the 25-year history in about 5 minutes. The one major overriding change in those 25 years was the advent of the internet that created a vast information trove that is free to… Continue reading The purpose of Meetings