Quality Assurance 2022 – Step 1

Quality Assurance 2022 – Step 1 What seems to be omitted from many Quality Assurance initiatives is the need to ensure it will be well received. There is a tacit assumption that because it seems an obvious thing to do (at least to the Quality Assurance group) then everyone will be onside with doing it… Continue reading Quality Assurance 2022 – Step 1

Quality Assurance 2022

Quality Assurance 2022 During the past year, we gathered up some articles and LinkedIn posts indicating a desire to improve Quality Assurance. Most people seemed to feel that this needed to be a country lead initiative or at least a consortium of several large companies. While that might be a laudable aim, it is unlikely… Continue reading Quality Assurance 2022

Quality Assurance 2021

Quality Assurance 2021 Quality Assurance (defined as Process Improvement) had an interesting evolution in 2021. After the rush in 2020 when a lot of other projects and initiatives got pushed off pending the expected quick end to the pandemic and let in room for QA initiatives, 2021 saw a reversion to the status quo where… Continue reading Quality Assurance 2021

Automated Testing 2021

Automated Testing 2021 The term “Automated Testing” means different things to different people. Some people go for an all-encompassing definition that includes anything that is not manual. Other people restrict it to a very limited subset of what could theoretically be done. However, by far the most common definition is automation of the Manual User… Continue reading Automated Testing 2021

Manual Testing 2021

Manual Testing 2021 It is always interesting to review the need and usage of manual testing for the year. We hear a lot about automating testing from vendors and management. But there is still a lot of new projects coming along with requirements and designs in flux and no clear idea of how long the… Continue reading Manual Testing 2021

End of Year Rush

End of Year Rush There is often an arbitrary end date set for projects. Sometimes it is driven by the fiscal year or the calendar year. Budgets run out at the end of the fiscal year and sometimes political requirements drive calendar year end dates. Most of our clients impose a code freeze for the… Continue reading End of Year Rush

A few good crises

Last week we mentioned how October used to be Quality Month and now has also been designated as CyberSecurity Awareness month. But the question that arises is how to get Quality accepted in your organization. One client once said that a “A few good crises” would aid Quality Assurance in being accepted. A very true… Continue reading A few good crises

Why October?

October was Quality Month at one time although we have not heard a lot about that designation recently. It is now also CyberSecurity month. We have to ask “Why October?” But ignoring the Why for a little bit, it does seem that October is considered to be a month when we are all supposed to… Continue reading Why October?

Quality Assurance Article

Following up to our presentation to PMC on September 1, a short article has been posted elaborating on some of the concepts from the talk. Please see the article at PMAC- Article Quality Assurance and You Using software as an example, in many more locations, we are dependent on it for our safety and well… Continue reading Quality Assurance Article

I’m late for a very important Project

I’m late for a very important Project Monday morning and already we are late for a very important project. The project has been going for several weeks (sometimes months) and you only learned about it last Friday. The schedule is well advanced, software is being installed and configured and the end date is fixed. Sound… Continue reading I’m late for a very important Project