Still time to Enrol for Fall 2017

Enrolment for Fall 2017 courses on the following topics is still open: Test Leadership Manager’s Test Planning Effective Software Testing Boot Camp for Testers CSTE Certification Training CSQA Certification Training CAST Certification Training Other courses on request Courses are continuing from September to November of 2017. Take your opportunity to get training created by experts… Continue reading Still time to Enrol for Fall 2017

Quality Assurance Process Improvement – Part 4

Quality Assurance Process Improvement is the current topic for our NVP Blog. We completed a series of 4 blogs on Assessments because at the end of the Assessment process a lot of organizations won’t act on the Assessment results if they don’t have a plan for moving forward. This is particularly true if the Assessment has not been tailored… Continue reading Quality Assurance Process Improvement – Part 4

Quality Assurance Supports Process Improvement

Quality Assurance Supports Process Improvement by showing us when the improvement has occurred. This is typically done through measuring the existing process; making the change and then measuring the results of the new process. In last week’s blog we discussed examples of Process Improvement. Now we need to ensure that the Improvement has actually occurred. The initial steps to… Continue reading Quality Assurance Supports Process Improvement

Examples of Process Improvement

Examples of Process Improvement are sometimes a little harder to find and measure than Product Improvement. As long as you have a standard to compare a product, any change can be determined and it is usually easier to determine if the quality of the product has improved or not. Also, we may not have to actually determine… Continue reading Examples of Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Ongoing Process Improvement is the second critical aspect of process implementation. Last week we identified the components of a process. Once they are identified and it has been determined if they are applicable then the next step is Process Improvement. Many organizations identify the need for Process Improvement but they seem to say it as… Continue reading Process Improvement

Quality Assurance Processes

Quality Assurance Processes are key to a successful project. Before we get into the where and why, here is  a brief overview of processes as we see them. A Quality Assurance Process has several components which are often described via a workbench. The following are common to most of the workbenches we have used: Inputs… Continue reading Quality Assurance Processes