Review Requirements (by Writing Testcases)

This is the second in the series about reviewing requirements. This week we are considering the method of using Testcases to review the requirements. Some people would feel that this is too early in the process to be considering testcases but we do not have to write complete testcases. Test conditions or objectives will be… Continue reading Review Requirements (by Writing Testcases)

Debugging versus Scenario Testing

Recently someone in a class asked about the difference between debugging and scenario testing given the fact that many errors that need to be fixed must be completed in the code. If we make the assumption that we are doing a calculation of some sort or running an algorithm then the following applies. During User… Continue reading Debugging versus Scenario Testing

Test Cases

Test Cases, Test Scripts, Test Runs, Test Sets, Test Scenarios, Test Databases, Test Plans and Test Strategies have all been used to define some type of Test Case. When it comes to popular automated test tools, some of these terms do have very specific meanings. However, others are defined within testing courses or for specifically for… Continue reading Test Cases

Examples of Verification in Software Testing

In our last blog post, we included a list of Examples of Verification without going into too much detail. In this blog we will take a couple of those verification list items and expand on them. The examples of verification that most tend to impact software testers with the best return are Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Data… Continue reading Examples of Verification in Software Testing