Upcoming Course – Essentials of Leadership in Software Testing


Happening October 20 – 21 in Toronto, Canada this 2-day course offers solutions and techniques available to Test Leads and QA Managers in the challenges they face in managing Quality Assurance and Testing within their organizations.

Workshop Benefits

This workshop will present techniques so you can:

  • Review the Software Development Testing Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Distinguish between leadership and management
  • Understand and conduct risk analysis
  • Organize the test environment
  • Learn the documentation structure of the test effort
  • Measure the test effort
  • Organize the project team: roles and responsibilities of members, staff selection and training
  • Realize the methods and activities that will contribute to continuous learning

Workshop Content

Section 1: Process Overview
Review SDLC and role of testing – Scope of work of Test Lead, QA Manager

Section 2: Leadership and Management Concepts
Leadership versus. Management in SDLC – Infl uential management styles – Building effective relationships – Maintaining effective communications – Justifying resources (ROI) – Maintaining high performance teams

Section 3: Risk Analysis
Estimating contributing risk factors in testing – Scope of risk: project wide and component basis

Section 4: Test Environment
Definition and organization – Technical requirements – Configuration management – Change management – Test tools – Technical problem management

Section 5: Testing Strategy and Documentation Structure
Documentation structure of the test effort – Addresses document points to be met – Stakeholder identification – Communication – Management

Section 6: Metrics and Measurement
What and why are we measuring? – Relation to testing, development and management

Section 7: Test Team Organization
Roles and responsibilities of team members – Staff selection and training – Team organization as it relates to test strategy, risk assessment and leadership concepts

Section 8: Continuous Learning: Building on Your Successes
Methods and activities that contribute to continuous learning – Building influence as leader and improvement of test process – Lessons learned from evaluation of project plan, test report, staff performance and customer surveys – Guidelines for professional and process improvement reviewed

Who Should Attend

  • Test/Quality Leads
  • Test/Quality Managers
  • Quality Executives

For more information and to register contact Neil Price-Jones at neil@nvp.caCredit card and debit accepted onsite.

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