Upcoming Software Testing & Quality Assurance Events – May 2016


NVP Software Solutions will be participating in the following two software testing and quality assurance events happening this May in Ontario, Canada. The events are located in Toronto, and London in the coming two weeks. Check out the relevant websites for more information and to register. This is a great opportunity to connect with other software testing and quality assurance professionals. We hope to see you there!


Toronto Association of Systems & Software Quality

TASSQ – Toronto Association of System and Software Quality – Are you using your wireless devices safely? – Frank Clegg & One Digital Lab in the Cloud : A Key to Digital Engagement Success – Karla Toyloy
See http://www.tassq.org/



London Quality Assurance Peer-to-Peer Contact – The Future of Software Testing – Neil Price-Jones, President – NVP Software Solutions. Contact neil@nvp.ca for more details

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