Verification Applicability in Software Testing

Last week we introduced the concept of verification and defined it. This week we want to discuss verification applicability. Many people agree that verification should be done but come to a halt when deciding where they can apply it and the degree of formality that should be used. Verification really covers everything that can be done in the project in terms of testing excluding the actual Quality Control or active testing. In other words we can verify almost everything.

  • Business Objectives – can be verified for feasibility, correctness, completeness and how accurately they reflect what the business needs
  • Requirements – can be verified for correctness, completeness, feasibility, testability, and how well they reflect the underlying business objectives
  • Design – can be verified fir correctness, completeness, feasibility, testability, and how well they represent the defining requirements
  • Code – can be verified for adherence to standards, readability , level of comments, structure, whether it reflects the design, maintainability, portability, testability
  • Test Plans – can be verified for readability, correctness, applicability to the testing at hand, ability to execute what is required, scope
  • Test Cases – can be verified for coverage, maintainability, readability, ability to execute, maintainability, portability
  • Test Data – can be verified for coverage, security (anonymity), maintainability, portability, retention
  • Test Reports – can be verified for usefullness, readability, completeness

The above are only a partial list of the major items that can be verified. The list can include any artifact that may be produced during the project like Minutes of Meetings, Online Conversations, transcribed verbal conversations, and emails. If it can be read it can be verified!

The issue is to find the most cost-effective places in your development process to implement verification techniques. There is no point in completing Verification processes without some end in view and a positive ROI. Give us a call at 416-927-0960 or visit our website at to find out where you would benefit from the implementation of Verification techniques in your organisation.

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