So you want to be a software test automator?

So you want to be a software test automator and don’t know how to start.

There are plenty of ways to become a software test automator and we’ve talked to a number of people curious about how to break into the field. If you ask current test automators what their background is here are some answers you may get:

  • They have technical degrees and gravitate to Test Automation since it suits their background
  • They have moved from programming or other parts of IT when they found a passion for testing and making sure the code was correct; automation was a good fit
  • They started in test Automation and then stayed

Regardless of which path you used to get to automation there are several common aspects once you are there:

  • No automated test tool seems to last for very long. Either it changes into something else or gets bought and incorporated into another tool.
  • All test tools evolve over time and you have to keep up with the changes.
  • There is a lot of inertia in moving from one test tool to another in a lot of organisations due to the investment in scripting and infrastructure.
  • There is a lot of conferences, user groups or LinkedIn groups that cater to particular tools (sometimes the groups are ahead of the actual tool).

Due to ongoing evolution, it is critical not to lose your technical edge. If you find yourself looking for a job later, it is necessary that you be current with the existing technology.

Some companies will provide career paths for personal and technical development and improvement.

Make sure to join  LinkedIn Groups and your local Quality Assurance group. These are great options for networking. You may want to consider certification in the tool depending on whether the funds and time permit you to pursue it.

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