Who do we tell?

In light of some of the comments received, this blog is aimed at the ‘official’ list of people who should be told the results of testing. As per some of the comments, there are lots and lots of unofficial channels and these can be more useful and more informative than some of the official ones. However, (in order to stop the blog going on forever) we are looking at the ones who are listed as requiring the information.

We encounter two major attitudes to this question:

  1. Everyone must know everything.
  2. How can I avoid being added to this list?

The above may seem odd and probably depends a lot on the trust factor within the organisation. In some places, everyone gets added no matter how much the notifications and emails pile up. In others people avoid being told. There is an obvious dependency on the sophistication of the notification process and where the information is being stored. Less sophisticated processes will not have the granularity required or no-one to administer them. More sophisticated ones can do almost any desired work flow.

One other comment that came back was that we need to recall that we have clients and they need to be kept informed of what is occurring (whether or not they look at it).

In our next blog on this topic we will provide some specific suggestions.

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