Why Test Training

Test training is something that should be a ‘given’ and not something that a blog series should be devoted to. However, we get a surprising number of questions about test training and plans, that we thought we’d address a few of them here. So why train testers? You may recall that we defined three broad categories a couple of weeks ago in the blog.

  1. Training related to testing
  2. Training related to a particular Test Tool
  3. Application related Training

Clearly the tester who knows more about testing in general is in a better position to determine what testing could be done on any particular project or application. Otherwise the only testing they can do is what has been done before or what they are told to test. There will be no extra work done or extra items that might be risky, considered.

Test Tool training is crucial to ensuring the correct and efficient use of the test tool. Like many software products, test tools suffer from ‘featuritis’. There are many more features int the tool than the average person uses. However, every time you have said, I wish the tool would do something or there must be a function that does that, you may be looking at something with which training might help you. It is not necessary for everyone in an organisation to be an expert on a tool, but one or two would be helpful.

Application related training helps in the first point made. The more one knows about the application, the easier it is to test and the more effective that testing will be. An appreciation for all the pieces of the application can aid not only in ensuring coverage but also in more efficient testing.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you participate in Training for Testing?
  2. Was it beneficial to the project?
  3. What would you have done differently based on what you know now?

Next Week: Sources of Information

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