Year Review

At this time of year we, like a lot of other people, look back at the past year and try to predict what might come in the next year. Obviously last year’s predictions were derailed by Covid-19.

Manual Testing

Manual testing continued in a lot of organisations with the emphasis on new or updated applications. Not as much was said about it, at least not that we saw, but there were still many people working in manual testing.

Automated Testing

There seems to be so many test tools right now, it is hard to keep track. Not sure if this was a personal experience with us paying more attention or whether there are simply a lot right now. There seems to be a test tool for everything and almost too many to choose from for any particular need.

Quality Assurance

There were some encouraging signs around Quality Assurance and Quality Management. One thing the Pandemic did, was give some time for consideration of the longer term and that always benefits Quality Assurance. Also, with Work from Home quite prevalent, there were less chances to correct any items that might go wrong. Getting it right the first time was critical.

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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