Our Partners

NVP partners with 3 types of resource providers to supply local, onshore remote, and offshore resources as required. No matter what your needs, we can fulfill your resource requirements.

Local Resources

NVP partners with a local placement agency to provide resources in the GTA. All resources are individually interviewed in person by the local agency and NVP prior to any placements. All resources pass a background check prior to consideration and references are verified.

Canadian Resources

NVP partners with a group on the East Coast to provide onshore but remote resources with their own facilities. If your requirement is for Canadian Resources but you do not have the space or facilities, we can acquire trained resources to suit your needs.

Offshore Resources

NVP partners with an offshore organisation to provide cost-effective testing resources. Management is retained in Canada and reporting is online via a dashboard ensuring that you always know where your project is and how much is still to be completed. Resources work off hours from local time and reports of the work completed are available the following morning local time. NVP deals with the resources directly and ensures the work is completed properly.

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Test Tools

NVP partners with test tool providers to allow clients to select a test tool that is most appropriate for their needs. Local support is available from NVP.

Founded in 2006, Inflectra is a market leader in software test management, test automation and application lifecycle management space. The company is headquartered in the USA, but has offices in over 10 countries. Known globally for its legendary customer support, Inflectra makes turn-key solutions that address many challenges in software test management and QA, test automation and product lifecycle management.


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Kiuwan provides effective static application security testing (SAST) and software composition analysis (SCA) solutions that give organizations a complete overview of application vulnerabilities in just minutes. With Kiuwan’s affordable solutions, partners of all sizes can reduce risk and improve change management and DevOps processes.


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Critical Logic provides Integrated Quality Management tools and services. Efficient and intelligent test design is at the heart of Critical Logic’s Quality Assurance services. Using advanced model-based testing techniques, you’ll know exactly what to test to ensure a defect free product.


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Avo Discover empowers you to understand, prioritize and auto-create digital assistants. Knowledge is power and Avo Discover enables business users to easily transform captured processes into well-documented and auto-generated digital assistants without requiring a business analyst!


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Isle of IT is a small company of like-minded people who work in the Software Quality Field. Their product RiskStorming is an online tool that supports your team to do Risk Analysis and define a Quality Strategy in a fun and interactive workshop.

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Agile Consulting

NVP Partners with Agile Consultants to help you obtain value from your Agile endeavors.

Berriault & Associates deliver consultation services with a specialization in showing companies how to master their Agile methodologies, process improvement, and quality control to be at its most efficient standard. Jeremy, the owner of Berriault & Associates departed from the corporate limitations to explore new heights of consultation which reaches exceptional value.


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Education Providers

NVP Partners with Agile Educators to help you obtain value from your resouorces.

BERTEIG works with the world’s most ambitious people and companies on the planet, fueling their businesses with faster delivery of higher quality work from a happier workforce. BERTEIG Agile Consulting with our Real Agility Program is uniquely designed for leaders and company stakeholders who are committed to solving real human and organizational challenges.


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QAI is a leading global consulting and workforce development organization, addressing ”Operational Excellence” in knowledge intensive service organizations. QAI was founded in 1980 in Orlando, Florida.


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Development Partners

NVP Partners with Developers for their own work and for client work.

A software development company that provides expert digital product strategy, mobile app and web development services for organizations looking to elevate their business and adapt to the digital world. We’re mobile first, then everywhere else you need to be.

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Foley Web Development is a local, independent web developer that focuses on design as well as web applications.

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