Quality Management – A How To

 Quality Management – A How To

Three weeks ago we asked Quality Management – Why Bother?  This week we want to look at How Quality Management is tackled.

A Quality Assurance Manager typically manages the Testing Process of a particular project with a company. This software testing process is specific to the project at hand and risk will be evaluated when deciding what has to occur for successful delivery. For today’s blog we’re focused on the more general definition of Qualiy Assurance that involves process improvement with the aim of making ALL projects better.

Here’s how:

  1. Make a list of the existing processes
  2. Decide what processes are currently okay
  3. Decide what proceeses need to be fixed
  4. Decide what processes are entirely missing

The easiet way to do this is in the context of a specific project. However, it can also be done for the organization as a whole.

Some processes transcend a project and these have to be looked at without a project context. The same 4 steps listed above apply. We still need to list them and decide what to do with the list.

It is strongly recommended that the list of processes obtained be classified and recorded in a standard format otherwise it will be difficult to determine answers to additional questions. Templates make it easier to foresee questions that will arise later on – allowing you to identify a solution faster.

Regardless of how you handle this, the intent is to make life easier for the people who have to run the processes.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you get asked how to do QA Management?
  2. Do you wonder how to answer that question?
  3. Should QA Management be designated as something else?

Next Week: Stress Testing

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