Verification Applicability in Software Testing

Last week we introduced the concept of verification and defined it. This week we want to discuss verification applicability. Many people agree that verification should be done but come to a halt when deciding where they can apply it and the degree of formality that should be used. Verification really covers everything that can be… Continue reading Verification Applicability in Software Testing

Examples of Verification in Software Testing

In our last blog post, we included a list of Examples of Verification without going into too much detail. In this blog we will take a couple of those verification list items and expand on them. The examples of verification that most tend to impact software testers with the best return are Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Data… Continue reading Examples of Verification in Software Testing


Quality Assurance has a number of subdivisions; one of those being Quality Control (sometimes referred to as Software Testing). One of the, largely underrated, aspects of Quality Control is Verification. We define Verification as being the static part of testing while Validation is the active part of testing where completed, compiled, and promoted code is… Continue reading Verification

Early vs Late Testing

Early versus Late Testing within a project is an ongoing debate within the software testing industry. With the Waterfall methodology, active testing was not possible until late in the development cycle when the project was ‘thrown over the wall’ to testing and the testers started what some called the ‘final exam’. A long test-fix cycle… Continue reading Early vs Late Testing

DevOps and Quality Assurance

  A recent article in Techwell highlighted two interesting points for DevOps and Quality Assurance. The main problems seem to be included in the following paragraph from the article: ‘One problem with this approach is that the business sometimes cannot handle changes so rapidly. The other problem is that too often, the QA and testing… Continue reading DevOps and Quality Assurance

Startups and Small Companies Need QA

There is a common view that Quality Assurance is restricted to larger companies like Banks, Utilities, and Telecommunications organisations. This view is misleading: Startups, Small Companies and Not-for-profit groups also need QA. As a matter of fact, in many ways they need it more than some of the larger companies because larger companies have the resources to recover… Continue reading Startups and Small Companies Need QA

Quality Drives Productivity

The Economist recently ran an article entitled “Unproductive production” indicating the difficulty of measuring whether Productivity in an economy had really increased. One of the points which was interesting was that as long there are more people in employment and they are building more items the economy will continue to grow. However, the main concern… Continue reading Quality Drives Productivity