Quality Assurance Supports Verification

Quality Assurance supports verification for a number of reasons not least of which is the potential for cost savings for you! The key is to know where to apply the appropriate level of verification. It is quite possible to verify too many items and lose the benefits of reduced rework since it is all used up in the actual verification process. It is equally possible to verify too few times and lose the momentum and the benefit of corporate knowledge.

Some projects have problems identifying the correct place to implement verification techniques and either wait until it is too late in the project or start too intensely too early. The last mistake that some organizations make is matching the correct verification technique to their level of process maturity. There are prerequisites that are needed to make the verification process effective and without those in place, the positive impact is limited. It is also necessary to have the correct stakeholders involved so that they get their input at the correct point and with sufficient weight.
For all of the above reasons, it is critical that an assessment be carried out on the existing processes to determine the following:

  • The appropriate place to use verification techniques in your projects.
  • The payback realised from the implementation of verification techniques.
  • The level of Verification carried out for each project artifact.
  • The relevant stakeholders who gain from the process and can see the benefits.
  • The use of the correct techniques based on SDLC maturity.

Once all of the above are known; then the prerequisites can be put in place and an effective verification process implemented for your benefit. NVP Software Solutions completes that assessment and provides Recommendations and a Roadmap to get you there. You realise instant benefits in reduced rework and reduced cost.

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