Starting Quality Assurance – Part 8

Starting Quality Assurance – Part 8

Next Steps

Once you have a self-perpetuating group addressing Quality Ideas, what do you do?

You are not finished! There are always groups and areas that have not been considered yet and if you have really run out of new areas then go back to some of the earlier ones and consider them with a fresh mind. There will be more things that can be improved!

Talking to people in other companies can often provide a fresh perspective. Go to conferences or check items that are online. It is not always something directly relevant that sparks an idea. Sometimes I look at how someone has addressed an issue using technology and use the ideas in the technology to solve my process problem. I may have no immediate need for the technology itself but the idea can work wonders. There is always a fresh idea! It is also recommended that you publish your solutions and invite comment to see if other people have different ideas or thoughts on solving them.


Test Leader or Manager with concerns? Consider the Test Managers Conference.

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