Quality Assurance and Artificial Intelligence

In late December we heard two sides of the argument about Quality Assurance(QA) and Artificial Intelligence(AI). Side one from a Financial Executive: ‘AI will do away with the need for testing, testers, and QA’. Side two from a Quality Assurance Guru: ‘AI will mean more work than ever for QA. We tend to think it… Continue reading Quality Assurance and Artificial Intelligence

Quality Assurance 2020

We received an interesting article last week from a friend about Technology Trends. The 10 Best Tech Products of the 2010s were listed. It was surprising how old some of them were. Some technology has been around a lot longer than was remembered! Of course, the 10 best had to be followed up with the… Continue reading Quality Assurance 2020

Quality Assurance 2019 Review

Quality Assurance is, as usual, up and down. Some organisations are buying in to Process Improvement, looking long term, and many are realizing that the solutions are not necessarily more testing or another test tool. They understand that the problems lie in how things are done rather than the tools used. However, many organizations are… Continue reading Quality Assurance 2019 Review

Automated Testing

Judging from what we have heard, AI seems to be the favourite flavour for Automated Testing in 2019. Many of the tools are stating that they are AI enabled or AI enhanced and claiming massive productivity gains as a result. We are still seeing tools that require a lot of technical knowledge and other ones… Continue reading Automated Testing

Manual Testing

This year is the n’th time we have heard about the demise of Manual testing and the n+1’st time it has not occurred.To paraphrase Mark Twain “Rumours of the death of Manual Testing have been greatly exaggerated”. Why does this keep coming up year after year: We keep inventing new items that are not amenable… Continue reading Manual Testing

Look ahead to 2019

So what is coming in 2019. No doubt, if that could be predicted accurately, we would not be doing this right now! We would be somewhere on a warm sunny beach. The easy answers are: Manual testing will continue. More automation will be done and much more will be wanted (with or without the understanding… Continue reading Look ahead to 2019

March Events in Software Testing in the GTA and beyond

  NVP Software Solutions will be participating in the following software testing and quality assurance events happening this March in Ontario, Canada. The events are located in Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and London in the coming two weeks. Check out the relevant websites for more information and to register. This is a great opportunity to connect with… Continue reading March Events in Software Testing in the GTA and beyond

So you want to be a software test automator?

So you want to be a software test automator and don’t know how to start. There are plenty of ways to become a software test automator and we’ve talked to a number of people curious about how to break into the field. If you ask current test automators what their background is here are some answers you… Continue reading So you want to be a software test automator?

Malthus on Testing – Rapid Testing

Malthus on testing is not something that you hear often. Thomas Malthus was an English cleric and scholar, who said “The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man”. Last week we discussed how Automated Testing has met or is going to meet its Malthusian Catastrophe… Continue reading Malthus on Testing – Rapid Testing